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Memories and Bereavement

This arts and health project is designed to offer people that have been bereaved an individual framework of support through making ‘Memory Cushions’ using textiles, found objects and photos.

Many people experience a range of emotions after bereavement. The arts can have therapeutic value and assist in processing these sometimes complex feelings. By creating new coping mechanisms and sustaining the memory of the person they have lost, the healing process can begin.

Douglas Mitchell, a bereavement therapist, says: “When we create, we give ourselves permission to examine all that is happening within our grieving bodies.”

We acknowledge that every person’s experience of bereavement is different and we recognise the bereaved person’s need to continue the bond with their loved one. The ability to hold on to these bonds keeps the memory of a loved one alive in a memory cushion.

Participants will be asked to source found objects that relate to the deceased to represent a positive memory. The objects will be personal to each participant: photographs, written text, jewellery, textiles, clothes, words or sayings, and poems.

These workshops can be delivered online or face to face, over 3-hour long sessions. No experience is necessary and small groups or individuals are welcome.

All workshops are bespoke, so please do get in touch to discuss.

"The cushion that Ruth helped me make is very precious and a lovely focus for talking to people about my son Joe"


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