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Porcelain paper clay, approx 80x 75cm
This piece reflects Ruth's fragile balance of life, and is based on Eric Berne's metaphor: "Each day’s experiences can be compared to a rough cast of a coin [ ] and idealised trauma-free life would consist of such coins [ ] all finished so the pile stands straight and true. A trauma, like a warped coin, would skew the pile from then on, changing the balance and direction of the stack".

'Useless Bowls'

Porcelain and gold leaf. 15 x 10 cm each.


Porcelain paper clay 20cm x 10cm

'Mabel the Hawk'

Willow, tape and tissue paper. approx 100cm x 50 cm.


Porcelain paper clay and tissue paper 70 x 50 cm
This piece was made in response to an MRI scan Ruth had, where she could clearly see a sclerotic white flash of where her tumour used to be.

'All Will be Well' Lough Derg, Tipperary.

Digital print. Taken from a visit to her father's home village Ruth captured the sun breaking through a stormy sky. This picture was shortlisted to be the front cover for The Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Analytical Therapy.

The Peak District and Snowdon

Silver gelatin prints

'Kingsland Estate'

Silver photographic prints


Liquid light emulsion on glass. A gelatin silver light-sensitive emulsion that is used in alternative photography printing processes. The emulsion was applied to glass and then exposed and developed in a traditional darkroom setting.


Ruth enjoys working with alternative photography processes such as Cyanotypes.


Ruth delivered an arts health and wellbeing workshop with a group of students from New Bridge School. Together they explored marbling, printing and collage to produce this work. This piece is now hanging in Royal Oldham Hospital.

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