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Living Beyond Cancer

R&R Creative is passionate about working with people who have come to the end of their active treatment for cancer. When medical interventions stop, it can be a time for rest and recuperation. It may also be an important time to process the emotions that living with or beyond cancer brings.

These workshops have been created from Ruth's research in her MA alongside her personal experiences.
Using storytelling as a way of giving voice to emotions and beginning conversations about a sometimes difficult topic, we will work 1-1 or within small groups over a series of three sessions using clay and creative writing exercises.

Together we will co-create artworks and explore the creativity that will hopefully be an antidote to medical treatments.

Previous creative experience is not necessary. This is a bespoke service, please get in contact to discuss.

"Ruth has given me a way of processing my thoughts in my mind - a personal journey."


"I didn't think that this process would help as much as it has, and not just for me but my husband too."


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