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Code of Practice

R&R Creative employs The Seven Principles of Public Life – The ethical standards those working in the public sector must adhere to.

1. Selflessness

R&R Creative will act solely in terms of the public interest.

2. Integrity

High standards of integrity will be upheld at all times. R&R Creative will declare any conflict of interests and will not put themselves under any obligations that might try inappropriately to influence them in their work.

3. Objectivity

R&R Creative will make decisions impartially, fairly using and without discrimination or bias.

4. Accountability

R&R Creative is accountable for its work, decisions, and actions.  They will submit information to this effect for scrutiny as required.

5. Openness

R&R creative will operate in an open and transparent manner.

6. Honesty

Being truthful and honest is at the core of R&R Creatives values.

7. Leadership

R&R Creative will treat others with respect and challenge any poor behaviour should it occur.

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